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Re: [APD] bleach dip for anubias

Anubias suffer bleach very well. Bleach is very good at
killing hair algae exposed to the bleach, but it won't
clear your tank of the stuff. However, it sounds like your
tank is on the right road to healing ;-)

Those three swords (E. Bleheris?) were sucking up a lot of
nutrients quickly. Your mini "ecosystem" must have have
mourned the loss of them with a quick build up of nutrients
in the water, not to mention your bringing things up from
the substrate when you uprooted the swords.

If I'm going to pull some nutrient pigs like swords out of
a tank, I'll sometimes throw in some water sprite
(Ceratopteris thalictroides) just as a floater to make up
for some of the loss of nutrient users.

Scott H. 
--- Clint Brearley <clint_brearley at telstra_com> wrote:
> About a month and a half ago I pulled up three big amazon
> swords, which
> made a hell of a mess and sparked a bit of an algae
> problem (mostly green
> hair and BBA).
> Things have settled down a bit now and the BBA is pretty
> much gone from most
> of the plants (trimmed off the infected leaves) except
> for the anubias. These plants grow so damn slow that I
> really don't want to prune the leaves off. If I dip them
> in a 1:20 bleach solution for 4 minutes or so, will this
> clean the leaves up okay, or will I still need to prune?
> Alternatively, it's
> not really growing too fast now anyway, so should I just
> leave it alone and 
> let the snails/SAEs clean it up over time? (which is
> basically what I'm 
> doing at the moment).

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