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[APD] bleach dip for anubias

About a month and a half ago I pulled up three big amazon swords, which
made a hell of a mess and sparked a bit of an algae problem (mostly green
hair and BBA).

Things have settled down a bit now and the BBA is pretty much gone from most
of the plants (trimmed off the infected leaves) except for the anubias. These plants grow so damn slow that I really don't want to prune the leaves off. If I dip them in a 1:20 bleach solution for 4 minutes or so, will this clean the leaves up okay, or will I still need to prune? Alternatively, it's
not really growing too fast now anyway, so should I just leave it alone and 
let the snails/SAEs clean it up over time? (which is basically what I'm 
doing at the moment).

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia


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