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RE: [APD] RE: Green water

> Tom
> The tank is a 77g, reasonably heavily planted and although I have some
> curling of the leaves on my crypts most of the plants are thriving and
> regular pruning. I run a Fluval 404 with this tank and have in addition to
> the 4 large side sponges that come with the unit, 3 more sponges that I
> to fit the bio containers. The other 5 small media holders contain ceramic
> rings or Bio Max media. Adding more sponge is no problem.

Well that's not it.

 I try to keep my
> CO2 at 30PPM with a PH of 6.6 and KH around 70 PPM.

Take a good look at it again.
This will never hurt.Check from the AM to the PM for variation.

 I have 192 watts of T8 ,
> 6500 K daylight bulbs on for 10 hours a day. One interesting side note is
> that when this bloom first started I could scrub the algae off the glass 2
> or 3 times a day. You advised to shut off my filter, scrub the glass,
> the gravel etc which I did. Now the algae does not seem to attach itself
> much to the glass at all , simply makes very green water.

Something else happened in there.You over pruned perhaps or did
something.Once you tip that, getting rid of it is a tough deal.
GW just does not appear out of the blue, I never once had it and I trashed
I had to add too many fish or add NH4 to get it to bloom. But with good CO2
that was the trick. Light was 4-6w/gal range so high light was not it

The algae you had on the glass is a totally different species of algae than

The fish load IMO
> is not too heavy consisting of 2 adult Angels, 3 large Rainbow Fish, one
> pleco, 5 Clown Loaches, average about 3", and a 3 Cardinal Tetras. Thx. to
> everyone for the advice. I will continue the battle.

Well, you can forget about the media thing from the sounds of it.
I think the issue is one of running the Diatom for the next couple of days.
Don't just run the Diatom for a few hours, let it go for a couple of days.

Do a big old water change, run the diatom for 2-3 days at least. Rev the
Leave the tank alone and see if the GW comes back. You canl take it to the
next level, UV etc later perhaps if these things don't work you already

Tom Barr

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