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Re: [APD] RE: green water (Rick Engstrom)

I'd be more conservative than that -- whether an aquarium
needs added phospahte depends on a few diff things that
vary from case to case. My tanks are much more likely to
need added phosphate than added nitrates. Best to measure
it if you're adding it unless you're following a tried and
true "testless" regimen such as Tom Barr has presented.

If your fish load is light and plant load is high and your
source water isn't high in NO3 or PO4, then you probably
need might need to add either NO3 or PO4 or both.

Scott H.

> PO4 is
> phosphate so I would
> measure your phosphate levels in the tank.  One rarely
> needs to add
> phosphate to a tank...
> High phosphate levels may be your problem...
> Laith

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