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RE: [APD] DIY CO2 & white slimey stuff

Questions about this stuff seem to be almost as common as
it's occurrence. And the question comes up periodically not
only on APD but on lots of diff aquatic web sites.

Some have said fungus, some have said bacteria: 


A few have even supposed cyanobacteria.

The smart money is on it's being just some yeast that made
it's way out of the bottle and through the CO2 tube,
carried along in some water. If the conditions are rich
enough you can develop a healthy colony outside the CO2

Cleaning can remove it. Using a separator bottle can avoid
it. A separator is just a bottle between the CO2
fermentation bottle and the CO2 injector/difuser, with it's
inlet tube reaching down low into the bottle and the outlet
tube being very short. Any fluid coming out the tube from
the CO2 fermentation bottle tends to get trapped in the
bottom of the seperator bottle. The seperator also prevents
any accidental spills of foam from the fermentation bottle
into the aquarium.

--- "Quinn, Sherry" <Sherry_Quinn at ingenix.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have any ideas about this?
> Thanks!
> Sherry
> Hi,
>    What is the white slimey stuff that is sometimes found
> on the end of the
> tube inside the tank of a DIY CO2 setup (sugar, water,
> yeast, baking soda)?
> I assume it is some type of mold?  I have never had that
> much of a problem
> with it.  Usually I just find a little bit.  However, in
> one of my tanks, I
> am finding lots of the white slimey stuff.  What causes
> it and how can I
> stop it?  Also, is it harmful to aquarium creatures? 
> Thank you for your
> help! 
> Sincerely,
> Sherry Quinn

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