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RE: [APD] Reusing substrate to rinse or not to rinse

A lot can happen in 2 years. The substrate could be
overloaded with organic products or be prime, optimally
enriched substrate. It could be fertile or fetid.

I'm assuming the substrate hasn't been siting is still
water for ages. If the stuff is terrribly dirty and smells
awful, give it a quick rinse. Mulm is much lighter than
gravel and tends to rinse out relatively easily. Otherwise
no rinising is necessary -- If you had left you 30 gallon
set up, would you have felt a need to rinse the gravel?

The worst that will happen if you rinse and didn't have to
is that your substrate will be back to square one, or
almost, in terms of organic enrichment, and you might have
a back ache from the rinsing.

The worst that will happen if you don't rinse, and you stir
a lot of the mulm into the water column, is a greenwater
outbreak or sharp spike in nitrogen. Check your NO3 levels
every day or two until things settle down. If the substrate
does have a lot of organic material, it also has lots of
bacteria and you should have a good biofilter going in the
new tank in no time. But I'd watch the NO3 levels for few
about a week to be sure.

Scott H.
--- "Quinn, Sherry" <Sherry_Quinn at ingenix.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm moving the contents of my 30 gallon tank to a 40
> breeder.  It has been
> set-up for 2 years with a flourite and regular gravel
> substrate.  Should I
> rinse the substrate before putting it in the new tank or
> can I just move it?

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