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[APD] green water

I have been battling a green water problem for a few weeks now with no luck.
I used a diatom filter which removed it however within a couple of hours you
could see the water clouding up again. Recently I have been using my H.O.T
Magnum filter with diatom powder and it helps however does not come close to
removing the green which seems to be getting worse on a daily basis. I have
been doing regular water changes etc. I dose 1/2 tsp KN03 3 x week, 1/8th
tsp KH2P04  3x week 15-20 mls of trace 3 or 4 x week. I'm not sure if I
should try increasing my ferts. , reducing or stopping them all together. I
am considering ordering a U.V sterilizer or trying a 4 day total black out
as the next step. Plants in the tank are growing well. Even though I dose
KN03 3 x weekly my Hagen test kit still shows no reading of nitrate. I have
tried the kit with a stronger solution and did get a dark pink reading so it
seems to work. Would adding more KN03 help this situation?. Anyone who has
overcome this type of problem, please advise. Thx. in advance.


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