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Re: [APD] Online driftwood sellers -- or - Gnawing concerns

If you have plecos, they will gnaw the wood surface and
keep the softer wood removed. However, the buildup of
driftwood detritus (more mulch than mulm) will be
accelerated. The plecos love to gnaw the wood, and some
even need it in their diet, but it can be a big demand on
your mechanical filtration system.

A couple of years ago number of a couple of experts were
suggesting various causes and cures for the high level of
particulates in my tank. It was Penny Crowley that first
pointed out to me the this effect from combining plecos and
driftwood. Thanks, Pen.

Gravel vacuuming is one way to stay ahead of the game. It
helps to have the filter outflow currents tend to sweep the
lighter material on the gravel surface towards the filter

I don't mind the driftwood breaking down. I prefer that the
things in my aquaria keep changing over time. Perhaps
that's why I haven't used rocks in my tanks in a very long
time. Although, at the price of driftwood, some think I
have rocks in my head ;-)

Scott H.

--- Dan Resler <resler at liberty_egr.vcu.edu> wrote:
> I would like to add my 2 cents here. In July of 2002 I
> bought a very nice
> large piece from aquariumdriftwood.com. No discoloring of
> the water at all,
> from day one. All in all it has been a wonderful addition
> to my tank, though
> for about 4 months now it has become a big nuisance and I
> am dreading the
> fact that I will soon have to tear down the aquascape and
> remove it. The
> problem is that it is decomposing and giving off a fine
> mulm that ends up
> covering just about everything in the tank. Rather
> unsightly. Plus bits &
> pieces of it are continually falling off. The wood now
> feels very soft and
> I'm sure I could put my finger through it at places if I
> tried. So I echo
> the sentiments shared above - aquariumdriftwood.com has
> great wood but you
> might want to think twice if you plan on your setup
> lasting more than 2 or
> 3 years. 

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