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Re: [APD] Online driftwood sellers

S. Hieber wrote:
>Btw, aquariumdriftwood.com driftwood won't discolor the
>water and plecos love to gnaw on it. It's a great wood for
>those fish that need some wood chewing in their diets. The
>flip side of that is the wood is softer than some others
>you can get and will have a shorter life (measure in years
>though) in your aquarium.

I would like to add my 2 cents here. In July of 2002 I bought a very nice
large piece from aquariumdriftwood.com. No discoloring of the water at all,
from day one. All in all it has been a wonderful addition to my tank, though
for about 4 months now it has become a big nuisance and I am dreading the
fact that I will soon have to tear down the aquascape and remove it. The
problem is that it is decomposing and giving off a fine mulm that ends up
covering just about everything in the tank. Rather unsightly. Plus bits &
pieces of it are continually falling off. The wood now feels very soft and
I'm sure I could put my finger through it at places if I tried. So I echo
the sentiments shared above - aquariumdriftwood.com has great wood but you
might want to think twice if you plan on your setup lasting more than 2 or
3 years. 

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