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>>I understand that many suppliers of aquarium plants (especially those from
the Orient) only use common names for what they sell and they either don't
know or won't divulge the plant's true name and origins. In many cases, this
is done to protect their competitive advantage - great for their business
perhaps but not so great for hobbyists who want to know what they are
growing in their tanks.<<

Thats true more on the retail end than the wholesale end, at least Oriental
aquarium from Singapore, the largest commercial producer/exporter of plants
in the Orient, uses proper scientific names. The problem is on a few plants
even the latin name is different in different parts of the world, and
hybrids can have different names

Oriental aquarium only has two terrestrial ferns in their catalog:  "Borneo
fern" Trichomanes javanicum, and "Aqua fern" Trichomanes javanicum. Under
aquatics,  they only have Bolbitis, Microsorium, and Ceratopteris...no
Dragons tail or  flame.

Robert Hudson

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