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[APD] Re: Purple Krinkle

Sorry, I can't help you out with your question, but I've seen a plant that matches your desription that went by the common name "dragon flame". Maybe you could do a search for that? :-/

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

W C <iceman_78_98 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I recently bought plant from an fish store called the
> "Purple Krinkle". Its leaves are green on one side and
> purple on the other side. Other than that, I couldn't
> find any other information about the plant on the Web.
> I was hoping someone here could tell me more about
> this plant. What kind of pH does it survive in? What
> kind of water temperature? Where is it from and what
> other characteristics does it have?
> Thanks.
> -WC


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