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[APD] Re: Online driftwood sellers

I ordered some large pieces of driftwood from www.aquariumdriftwood.com,
and was very happy with them. I also ordered some smaller pieces that I
ended up not using because they didn't really work in my tank. But two
super extra large pieces (or something like that) for something like $50
each were just the thing for my 265. They arrived a bit mangled by UPS,
mostly because the pieces were so large and it wasn't really packaged
that well, but after I screwed the broken piece together (with a
stainless screw) everything was fine again. Yes, shipping was not cheap,
but I'd rather not have to deal with boiling/soaking. 

While we're plugging vendors, I wanted to mention that I bought a large
number of plants from www.aquariumplant.com, and was also very pleased.
Good, large, plants and good service. I bought a "giant mother"
Echinodorus rubin that is the showpiece of my tank. I was almost stunned
at how big it was. 

On the other hand, I ordered some plants and flag fish from
www.floridadriftwood.com and was not pleased with the service or the
merchandise. The fish were packed in a very small bag, and one had died
on the way (one day). The $20 "mother" sword plant was not much larger
than a $5 sword from aquariumplant.com, and what's far worse, it was
infested with a lot of snails and black beard algae. I had to bleach
soak it, and the plant has never really recovered. Also, I ordered 10
Echinodorus tenellus for $10 that arrived, literally, in something like
a 1.5" square, flat, plastic bag. Each plant had maybe two half inch
leaves. What a joke! Also, I have to mention that it took about three
weeks to get everything, despite being in the same area code and being
told twice it would ship in a day or two. I realize every place has
problems sometimes, and this could well have been a combination of bad
circumstances for the vendor. 


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