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[APD] Re: Online driftwood sellers

Wilma sells some nice driftwood too, just send her an email and she'll send
you pictures of what she has, or look at what's pictured on her website. She
ships it dry, not waterlogged which makes it far more economic than heavy
waterlogged pieces. Making it sink obviously requires a little more time but
I was happy with what I got and I paid far less for it than I had expected.


Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

----- Original Message ----- 

Hi all,

I'm new to the world of aquarium plants and aquascaping and such, but have
fallen deeply in love with the idea of designing aquatic environments.  The
one thing I'm finding it difficult to sort out is the use of driftwood, and
the trustworthy places to buy it online (as it's not readily available in
the shops where I live).

I've found one place that seems alright:  http://www.aquariumdriftwood.com/
but I thought I'd ask about potential others...plus maybe some insight into
this particular seller.

Also, is it generally considered bad practise to collect driftwood of my own
to use in an aquarium?  Of course, I assume a boiling treatment would be a
must, but if there are any other things to keep in mind (assuming that this
is an okay practise) I would be happy to know!

Thanks!  I'm glad I found this resource.

Ben Hong

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