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[APD] Re: Cutting Glass, or I feel your Pane

A Mom and Pop glass shop might be able to do your cutting with on-hand scrap
really cheap. I recently bought a Perfecto 56 gallon column tank, and had to
make a glass lid for it. There is a big price break between 1/4" and 1/8"
glass around here, and none of the shops here stock 3/16". Special order
only. Perfecto lids are 1/8" anyways, so this Mom n Pop shop cut me a 30"x5"
and a 30"x9" piece of 1/8" for $5.

It took the guy literally about 30 seconds to do both of them.

If you can do 1/8" you might be able to get it done on the cheap, just have
your measurements ready.


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