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[APD] Flourish Trace

Hi Everybody,

After many years of enjoyment, I find myself having to get out of the live plant hobby for the time being.  I have put up for auction on eBay a factory sealed Professional sized bottle of Seachem Flourish Trace which I never got around to using.  I also have some opened 500 ml bottles of Seachem Flourish, Trace, Iron, Phosphorous, Potassium, & Nitrogen with quite a bit left in each that I was using that we can maybe work a deal for if there are any dedicated Seachem users looking for a good deal.

The auction for the professional sized bottle of Flourish Trace has started out at $15 which I know is lower than what it can be had for at on-line pet stores, and much lower than local pet stores.  Just perform a search for "Seachem Flourish" on eBay and it will take you right to it.

Once again, sorry for peddling my stuff here, but I just hate for it to all go to waste.  Not to mention that it may help someone get some quality stuff at a good price.

Thanks for reading!

Mike G.

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