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[APD] Cutting Glass

Hi all,

I need to make some glass covers for some of my tanks that are being used as
green houses for growing plants emersed.  Of course I would never dream of
using a glass cover on any of my aquariums.  I have never successfully cut
glass to shape using a cutting wheel or any sort of device that scratches
the glass.  I have a water cooled ceramic tile saw that works pretty well.
I have even cut two inch thick stones to shape them to fit in my aquariums.

What I would like to do is either buy some used glass or old aquariums and
use the above saw to cut the glass.  Has anyone ever done this before?  I
would be using whatever glass is available cheap whether it was regular
glass, plate glass, or tempered glass.

Any advice is appreciated.  Yes, I need to be cheap at this time.

Steve Pituch

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