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[APD] Mysterious variant of Hygrophila polysperma

I have a patch of Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' (the variety with white
leaf ribs and pink leaves on top) that all came from a single original stem.
A few weeks ago I noticed that one stem looked different. After let it grow
for a while, it looks like a completely different variety from the mother
plant. I'm wondering if this type of change in appearance is common, and if
anyone has seen anything like my new variant before.


Varigation in plants is sometimes caused by a benign viral infection. When these kinds of plants are propogated vegetatively, they sometimes revert to the original genetics... You might just get the original H. polysperma out of this, or something completely different. African violets and coleus are two common plants I know of that do this, I see no reason why H. polysperma would not... I know in order to register a plant as a sport, it must maintain varigation/the genetic change thru 3 generations of veg propogation... good find if the change holds up!

Jeff Ludwig
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