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[APD] "al Planta"

> For those who use Ironite for your trace minerals for your PMDD you should
> read this:
> http://www.envirolaw.org/poison.html

> Sam

Where is that US patriot "plant" act? Although lesser known, plant terroist
are a "growing" problem that threatens the security of our great nation.
"al Planta" operatives have been found all over like the weeds that they
are, they need pulled up from the root. Seems poisoning the public here in
the USA is chemical warfare and an act of terrorism? No?
We should call the "Plantagon" at once. Send out the Glosso-gastopo and
spray lots of Round Up on them. 
We will get them to spill the mining trailings. We have many "ways" of
getting people to talk (to their plants). We can threaten to "over prune"
them. There's nothing on the law books about a good old fashioned pruning
under a single incadescent bulb. The Plant homeland security police will
invertigate this matter. If we can't get them, our lawyers will. But
really, we need to prevent the condition that are ripe for their growth,
that is the best way to prevent "al Planta" problems. "al Alga" is another
group responsible for havoc closer to home. But the hevay metal group
Copper Maiden took out many of their "cells" some time ago. It seems that
playing Copper Maiden very loud irritated the "al Alga" group and they
eventually gave up. But it's not clear whether it was Copper Maiden or
Blackout Sabbath that pushed them over the edge.     

Tom-ato Barr      -embedded in the substrate AP(Associated plant) reportor

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