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[APD] Mysterious variant of Hygrophila polysperma

I have a patch of Hygrophila polysperma 'Rosanervig' (the variety with white
leaf ribs and pink leaves on top) that all came from a single original stem.
A few weeks ago I noticed that one stem looked different. After let it grow
for a while, it looks like a completely different variety from the mother
plant. I'm wondering if this type of change in appearance is common, and if
anyone has seen anything like my new variant before.

This one stem has larger and more rounded leaves than the Rosanervig.
Instead of the leaves on top turning pink, they turn a purplish-brown color,
somewhat like a brown Crypt. The leaf ribs match the leaf instead of being
the contrasting white.

The remainder of the plant is growing normally. If what I have is actually
something unusual and interesting, I'll work to grow enough to send to
interesting parties.

- Jim Seidman

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