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[APD] Bacopa flowers

To induce flowering in most plants, go with a strict equal day/night
photoperiod. Ensure that there are absolutely no other lights on in the
room during the dark time. Even a tiny amount of light is enough to
upset the plants circadian triggers which control flowering. Flowering
typically occurs during spring or fall when the nights & days are the
same length.

You should expect to see flowers develop within a week on Bacopa if the
conditions are suitable. The plants will continue to bloom for weeks
although individual blossoms may only last a few days. Bacopa blooms
profusely for me if I allow it to grow emersed. Aponogetons will also
bloom but need the 50/50 photoperiod to stimulate flower production.
Many lace plants can even make viable seeds but the common A crispus
needs a second plant to fertilize the seeds.

If there are no fish in the aquarium, seedlings may sink to the
substrate & begin growing. They are delicate & must not be disturbed.
The biggest problem is to ensure that they get adequate light as over
shading will kill them. I put my seedlings into a pot, which raises them
up about 4" from the substrate & ensures more light, less shading. I've
heard of people putting lace plant seeds into trays of soil in shallow
water. Has anybody done that?

Steve P

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