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[APD] RE: Aquacube

> http://www.tropica.com/article.asp?type=aquaristic&id=577
> Any guesses about the substrate?

Doesn't matter much. The plants in there will remove the nutrients from the
water column, eg Riccia doesn't have roots, ferns attached to wood etc.
Looks like a Rock wool cut out.
The light is a simple 50w/Quartz 12v DC lamp, I used these about 10 years
ago with good success but they are about 5x less efficient than NO FL's but
on a small tank, it does not matter. Looks are more important for this. 

The rockwool etc, provides light weight shipping, good bacterial
colonization and physical media to grow in.
Nutrients are going to come from the fish/nuterients supplied with a
routine by Tropica etc. 

I'd use Onyx and go non CO2 personally
I have 2 cubes, 25cm on a side. I use a 7 w 7200K powercompact clip on bulb
for the lighting which looks good and has an open top as well. 
They are both non CO2. 

There's a very good reason for going non CO2 on small tanks=> smaller tanks
with CO2 need lots of trimming. This way my tank is very stable and nice,
and ultimately will be less prone to being torn down and decommissioned. 

High light, CO2 on a small tank is asking for trouble unless you plan on
doing consistent work. 

Tom Barr

> Nice design anyway.
> // Daniel.

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