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RE: [APD] Flowering Bacopa Monieri

Cameron said:
>>I have Bacopa Monnieri.......I desperately want this plant to flower


I just had Bacopa monneri flower.  It is a local variety and had a
purplelish flower.  I have a picture of it at:

My trick was to just put emersed stems in a planter in a north window that
gets a lot of light in my sunroom.  It took about 6 months to flower.  I
water it with the fertilized water from a nearby aquarium.  The flower
lasted only a day.   The planter has soil that it 50% top soil and 50% sand.

I also have had tons of Bacopa monneri emersed in my tanks.  But it never
flowered in spite of the intense light under the MHs.  See the following


Steve Pituch

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