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[APD] re: mites

Charles Harrison wrote:
> I have searched the archives and I don't find any remedy there. Does 
> any one have a method to deal with mites.
> I can't get Frog Bit to live, most all the other floating plants 
> don't live long.

Are these open top tanks?  With terrestrial plants, there are four basic options:

1.  increase humidity and spray plants with water
2.  Use a non-specific pesticide like soap, oil, or isopropyl alchohol
3.  Use a systemic acaricide
4.  introduce predatory mite species.

Options 2 and 3 are probably ruled out in an aquarium.  Most mites do not
 do well in warm, humid condtions, which is why I wonder if you have open
 top tanks.  The solution may be as simple as adding a tight cover glass.  

I doubt whether the commercially available predatory species will like
the surface of an aquarium, but if you have already tried the cover glass,
they may be your only option.

Nicholas Plummer
nickplummer at att_net
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