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[APD] Growing coffe and nana anubias on cork tiles *but* emergent [out of water]?

Howdy folks,
I want to use my old 3ft for growing emergent anubias.

Posts in the archive suggest that the rhizome and roots of anubias
should be below water and the leaves can be above water given sufficient
humidity; I have done this previously with pots filled with lava rock
and it was very successful.

If I fill the tank only a third way, attach the anubias to cork tiles
siliconed on to the back of the tank and use a pump aiming the spray bar
at the cork tiles will the anubias tolerate complete emergence with only
trickling water over the rhizomes?

If so then I can use the back wall for anubias and the bottom of the tank
for other plants that I want to grow emersed like swords.


P.S. In these pictures Tropica appears to cultivate abubias completely above the
water line/level:


http://www.tropica.com/article.asp?type=aquaristic&id=263 (last picture down)

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