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RE: [APD] Re: hargrass

> Tom:
> Could you elaborate on the pros and cons of mowing hair grass?
> Additionally, would this apply to all "grass like" cover, such as chain
> swords, dwarf sag, etc.

It'll work on all grass like plants but might not look too hot with chain
swords, just pick the outer older leaves off.
There's little cons to the mow methiod which is not "my method" by any
A good sized pair of scissors helps and can be sized for the needed area.

I've mowed to the nub, 1/2" or so and it grew back nicely. Faster than the
sod cut methods.
The sod method was a growers approach I came up with. At least you can sell
that but the clippings from mowing you cannot.
So each method has it's good and bad points. 

Tom Barr

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