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[APD] Re: Substrates and mulm in non-CO2 tanks

Jim, I have a similar setup with a 90 gallon that receives a water change
every couple months. During water changes I do hover over the substrate,
without disturbing it, with a gravel vac to suck up anything that is resting
on the substrate. I have a flourite substrate with slightly larger grained
coated gravel as a very thin top layer. I think this greatly helps in
holding on to the mulm and preventing it from being stirred up by fish. Of
course I also don't have any plecos or other large bottom dwellers that
would otherwise create a mulm-storm. My filtration also helps considerably,
I have good water movement using an Eheim 2217 and the prefilter certainly
collects a lot of mulm and needs cleaning at every water change.

Here's a closeup of the substrate with the slightly larger pebbles on top:

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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