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[APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite,

That is very likely. I bought the Onyx I tried right as it came to market.
Seachem is headquartered in the greater Atlanta area where I live, and some
of the LFSs around here get their new products really quickly. I believe
there was only one type of Onyx available when it first came out.

When we introduced Onyx we did so in two grades: gravel and sand. So there has always been and still are just the two grades. The sand is more suited to the planted aquarium, whereas the gravel is marketed toward any other type of aquarium looking for a more natural and different look (as opposed to plain pea gravels or coated substrates) i.e. cichlid tanks, community freshwater, saltwater, etc.

-Greg Morin

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