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[APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite, and Eco-Complete--Smooth or Chuny Style?

Scott wrote:
Did the Onyx (the Sand part anyhow) "disappear" and settle
down below the surface of the substrate, leaving a Flourite
appearance on top?

What's your KH/GH without Onyx, like from the tap?

Scott H.

Yes, the dust settled below the surface, and the top layer was a bit darker
that regular Flourite, darkened, I assume, by equal sized bits from the
Onyx. I hand pulled all those larger Onyx chunks we were talking about
earlier when I mixed the Flourite and the Onyx in that 3:1 ratio.

The water in the northern Atlanta 'burbs is very soft. Mine comes out of the
tap at GH/KH of 1 or less, measured with a cheapo Tetra kit. Super soft. For
example, when you wash clothes here you only need to use about 1/3 of the
recommended amount of detergent. Otherwise, there are suds everywhere on the
clothes after it spins since there is so little dissolved minerals for the
soap to overcome. When I wash my car there are little, if any, water spots
if the car just air drys without a towel. In Louisville, Ky,  my home town,
if you don't towel dry a car it will look worse than when you started.


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