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Re: [APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite, and Eco-Complete--Smooth or Chuny Style?

--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> The buffering that 100% Onyx does takes the GH/KH too
> high for my taste, but
> I found that a 1:3 ratio of Onyx to Flourite gave a GH
> and KH of about 4
> which is where I like to keep my tanks. This mix also
> stopped that dusting
> issue when my corys rooted around in the substrate.

Did the Onyx (the Sand part anyhow) "disappear" and settle
down below the surface of the substrate, leaving a Flourite
appearance on top?

What's your KH/GH without Onyx, like from the tap?

Scott H.

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