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[APD] Nice riccia hold down and mutant sinking riccia

Hi everyone,
I have a piece of wood with a good cluster of narrow leaf Java fern. There
was a small piece of Riccia on the java fern when I atached it many months
ago, and the riccia grows in the java fern and all I do when it gets too big
is pull a large clump off. There is always some left in the java fern, it
regrows, and I do the same thing. I like this setup because the riccia stays
submerged, and I don't have to tie it down or anything . Thought I'd pass
this along to anyone interested in a alternate way to keep riccia submerged.

Also, some of the riccia morphed into that darker, sinking type of mutant
riccia. I have a small cluster of it right now. If anyone wants it and pays
shipping, you can have it. Email me off list.


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