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Re: [APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite, and Eco-Complete--Smooth or Chuny Style?

Scott Wrote:
I wonder if maybe you got some Onyx that is diff from what
is being vended now. The Onyx *Gravel* is pretty chunky
stuff and the *Sand* is relatively fine compared to
Flourite. Perhaps originally they were both in one bag? Or
perhaps there were just lots more chunks in the sand in the
past and now it is being packaged in a more homogeneous
size? There are occassional chunks in what I purchased last
year but I've found those in Flourite too. Worth a little
research I guess since my experience is only a half dozen
bags from a single lot. Or maybe we can get Seachem to
inform us about the grading of the Onyx Sand

That is very likely. I bought the Onyx I tried right as it came to market.
Seachem is headquartered in the greater Atlanta area where I live, and some
of the LFSs around here get their new products really quickly. I believe
there was only one type of Onyx available when it first came out.

The buffering that 100% Onyx does takes the GH/KH too high for my taste, but
I found that a 1:3 ratio of Onyx to Flourite gave a GH and KH of about 4
which is where I like to keep my tanks. This mix also stopped that dusting
issue when my corys rooted around in the substrate.


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