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Re: [APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite, and Eco-Complete--Smooth or Chuny Style?

--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> . . .on the uniformity of the Eco-Complete, there
> are small to
> slightly larger than Flourite sized pieces in the bag,
> but I will say the
> the variation in size is nowhere near as large as with
> the Onyx, and the
> Eco-Complete does allow mulm to enter the subsurface
> parts of the substrate.

Hi David,

I wonder if maybe you got some Onyx that is diff from what
is being vended now. The Onyx *Gravel* is pretty chunky
stuff and the *Sand* is relatively fine compared to
Flourite. Perhaps originally they were both in one bag? Or
perhaps there were just lots more chunks in the sand in the
past and now it is being packaged in a more homogeneous
size? There are occassional chunks in what I purchased last
year but I've found those in Flourite too. Worth a little
research I guess since my experience is only a half dozen
bags from a single lot. Or maybe we can get Seachem to
inform us about the grading of the Onyx Sand.

> No rock sized chunks in the Eco. The black color makes it
> look about the
> same size to me, but there are definitly different sized
> pieces as you say.
> I got the uniform size impression of the Eco by seeing
> the top. 

I sorta figured. It becomes quite uniform on top as it
stratifies. The little stuff virtually disappears :-)

> After
> looking at the sides of the substrate I see where there
> are different sizes.

There is an interesting diff in "porosity" too. The Eco
looks a tad like dark mini-moons, cratered and pocked, 
while the Onyx porosity is, well, not microsopic but not
easily seen with the naked eye.

The only thing I've seen a black as Eco is some of the
colored epoxy coated gravel and "black sand" (there's a
beach in Hawaii that has it, I seem to recall. The Eco is
much more natural looking, imo, than the epoxy coated
stuff. But then, to me the epoxy stuff is sort of like
plastic plants. Snob? Moi?

Scott H.

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