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[APD] re: going to pieces over Onyx, Flourite, and Eco-Complete

(Scott Wrote)
I respsectfully beg to differ on Eco-compete being uniform
in size, unless you mean that, after settling, the surface
appears uniform in size.

One of Eco's advertised features is that it comprises
different size bits and that the small bits tend to settle
down at the bottom eventually -- as small bits tend to do
when hanging out with bigger bits -- something to do with
gravity, holes, and the size of things that fall into them
:-) . Eco stratifies! It even unavoidably stratifies --
autostratfication. That might sound like jet age magic, but
mountains have been doing it for years  ;-) . Whether in
the aquarium this is a good or inconsequential thing, I am
not sure.  The big stuff doesn't show the dirt as quickly,
but it's harder to plant in, the plants more readily stay
put when you put them in. But an aquarium substrate
*surface* eventually is uniform -- and in the case of
Eco-complete, made of much larger bits than the bits in
Onyx Sand.

Yeah, I give on the uniformity of the Eco-Complete, there are small to
slightly larger than Flourite sized pieces in the bag, but I will say the
the variation in size is nowhere near as large as with the Onyx, and the
Eco-Complete does allow mulm to enter the subsurface parts of the substrate.
No rock sized chunks in the Eco. The black color makes it look about the
same size to me, but there are definitly different sized pieces as you say.
I got the uniform size impression of the Eco by seeing the top. After
looking at the sides of the substrate I see where there are different sizes.

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