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[APD] RE: increased light levels = more dosing.

Rick, everything you have said says not enough CO2 all the way around. It
might no longer be an issue but the things you've said point that direction
at the time. 
You might have improved this at some point, but all the indications
suggested that was occurring.
I've had intense pearling at much less light than what you had prior. Like
as little as 1/2 that amount.
If you added that amount of nutrients with that amount of light with water
changes etc, the only variable that would cause much issue would be the
I'll assume you have fish and some waste from that source. 

Why did you stop dosing K2SO4 and attributed this to spot algae? There's a
correlation between PO4 and CO2 and spot algae, this is why I believe it
was your CO2, you had PO4..............from dosing. Poor CO2 can also
trigger GW by slowing down NH4 uptake by plants or poor filtration/current

When you add more light, you will have faster uptake, but only up to a
point. Generally FL's/MH lighting does not get this high to reach that
point but can come close in some cases.

I have a 75 gal
It has a light fish load,
Good CO2(30ppm)

I add 3/4 teaspoon 3x a week
1/8thKH2PO4 3x a week
15-20mls Flourish 3-4x a week

I use 220(PC, 5000/8800K) watts but sometimes use 330 w but still get the
same good growth but faster.

Decrease in GH might be a factor of the water company's changes, but you
can add a bag of aragonite etc if you wish.

Tom Barr


Tom Barr

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