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[APD] increased light level = more dosing?, calcium dosing etc.

A few questions if you don't mind. Tank info.

77 g heavily planted
PH  6.6 to 6.7
GH 60ppm
KH 80 ppm
lighting 6 x 32 watt T8 6500k bulbs.
pressurized CO2 injection

Last November I posted a message about some withering, curling plant
conditions. At that time I had a sliding glass top on the tank with 4 x 40
Watt T12 bulbs, (2 gro lux and 2 daylight). Recommendation at the time from
Tom was 50% water change weekly and dry dosing

KN03 1/2 tsp x 2 weekly
KH2P04 1/8 tsp 1 or 2 x weekly
K2S04 1/2-3/4 tsp after water change only
10 mls of trace 2 x week.

I did this for several months and although there was a slight improvement in
the plants I was still lacking pearling and the withering and curling
continued. I also started getting stubborn spot algae on the glass which
resulted in my stopping the K2S04. Since this time I have gone back to
dosing PMDD, about 15 drops daily. I have been testing for nitrate and get
no reading at all on my test kit so I have mixed up 2 tbls of KN03 in 236 ml
of water and have been dosing this at about 2 mls daily for the past 5 days.
Another test today and still nothing showing up.

I recently had a green water outbreak (prior to adding the new lighting)
which I have been keeping under control using a micron filter. I am also
getting much more green algae on the glass which is easily removed and am
now noticing some fuzz on the edges of my Crypts. Since adding the new
lights and removing the glass covers  my plants are pearling like crazy, a
virtual fizz machine in that tank now. My concerns are still with the
curling of the plant leaves and have noticed that my GH has dropped from 100
PPM to 60 since my last test which seems to indicate I need to dose some
calcium. Is there a recommended dosage of this stuff assuming I can source
it out. I appreciate any recommendations.


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