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[APD] High CO2 results in low NO3 uptake

Hi Daniel,

IMO, this is not scary in our realm of aquatic plants. This supports a number of assertions, especially:
- why algae blooms are triggered by NH4 and not high NO3 levels
- why CO2 fed tanks are generally algae free
- why some root feeding is good for plants (resurrect the Jobe sticks!)
- why a supplemental biofilter is useful as a NH4 sink.

I'm sure there are more. So it's not as bleak as it sounds - for our tanks. Different story for agrigulture.


Here's something that might bother you also about high CO2 and NO3 http://www.plantphys.net/article.php?ch=e&id=158

Isn't that pretty scary? No NO3-assimilation with elevated CO2-levels despite higher light-levels?

// Daniel.

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