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[APD] Re: Veronica beccabunga

Daniel Larson asked about Veronica. I don't know if the plant pictured in
the link he gave is Veronica beccabunga, but there are a number of aquatic
Veronicas that ought to be suitable for use in an aquarium. According to
Cook (1996), there are 250 species of Veronica, 12 of which are aquatic.
They grow mainly in the North temperate zone, so depending upon where you
live you might be able to find them in a local brook. I've never seen them
offered for sale commercially as aquarium plants. Veronica beccabunga is
commonly referred to as Brooklime. If you can find a field guide to the
plants found in your local area, it ought to be listed if it grows where you

James Purchase

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