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[APD] Re: Automatic Water Changing

This topic comes up periodically. Below is a long post I made in 2000 on the
system I designed that I have been using one form or another of since 1999.

I chose to not use float switches or anything mechanical for the water-exit
part of the system for safety reasons. Gravity feed drain only for me. The
only electromechanical part I use is a sprinkler valve/timer for the water
going into the tank. And I have the valve set at such a low volume flow that
even if it failed the gravity drain could more than keep up with it.

I currently have this system on a 240 gallon tank with a 54 gallon sump

The main advice I can offer you is the simpler the system the better. The
more mechenical doodads you have the more chance of failure of the system.

I have not had a single malfunction of this sytem in over 5 years.



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