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[APD] Major change to my aquarium

I am planning on making some major changes to my 70 gal aquarium and need
some advice.  What I want to end up with is an aquarium about 1/3 to 1/2
full of water with a sand substrate.  Then I have a couple of stumps I want
to embed in the sand such that about half of them are out of the water.  I
also want some of the sand out of the water in the corners so I can plant
some tropical plants like ferns and such.  I'd like to keep some typical
creek or river critters in it, like a frog or two, some small fish, a
crawdad, maybe a salimander, maybe a small turtle.  Does anyone have any
experience doing this?  Any pointers?  How much light will I need?  I will
certainly need to downgrade my lighting.  I'm also trying to figure out how
to get my canister filter into the mix, but I'm not sure how.  I assume I'll
need some feeder fish for the crawdad, and some crickets for the frogs and
salimander.  I've been doing planted aquaria for years, but my daughter is
getting to the age where this kind of thing facinates her, so I'm doing it
for her benefit.  Eventually I'll probably go back to a planted tank.

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