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[APD] Re: Invertebrates and carbonates

Thank you for the replies!

My water is well water and is very soft.  I need to buffer but was hoping to do both buffer and add calcium carbonate for the FW shrimp I have (I saw a Ramshorn snail in the tank with a whitish translucent shell so I worry there is not enough calcium in the tank for the shrimp). 

I hadn't realized I could get powered calcium carbonate from beer distributers -- thank you!  

Since I'm confusing apples and oranges -- which is a common thing with me -- will the calcium carbonate also buffer or do I also need to add a separate buffer?

I've thought about dolomite -- and I don't need a whole 50 lb bag which is the only thing available at Lowe's.  In terms of vitamins at the grocery store, I couldn't find any without tons of additives.... 

I will check on the beer distributers as I've already ordered champagne yeast from one company.

Again -- will the calcium carbonate buffer or do I also need some other substance?

Thanks again for the help!  
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