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[APD] Re: temp issues in South FL, cables/chiller

Tom and Bill,

Thanks for your replies. I was concerned that during the summer months
my heating cables would not do very much, but the last time I set up a
tank I found myself wishing I had them (in Denver, where they actually
would have come on more often). This time I wanted to do it properly, so
I splurged on all the toys. 

At this point your suggestion of redoing the substrate, Tom, would be
quite a pain, so I think I may need to let the tank go like this for
now. I'm assuming I will eventually run into problems because of the
lack of water interchange in the substrate, at which point I will look
at switching to the substrate you suggest. Even in March, though, we had
some cool nights and the cables turned on for a little while. That won't
happen again until November, though.

In the meantime, I thought about Bill's suggestion of putting fans in
the cabinet as well (I have two 6" 120v fans in the canopy: one pulling
in and one pushing out). I think what I may try doing first is moving
the light ballasts outside of the base. I built all three into a vented
metal case from Allied Electronics that is not too bad looking. I think
if I mounted it vertically, and ran the cables from inside neatly, I
could hide it reasonably well. I suspect that would help a lot. I would
really hate to run a chiller, I feel bad enough burning up 750 watts for
the lights. 


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