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Re: [APD] CO2 Equipment Website


I got the combo #4 from them about two month ago. Transaction went smoothly
and everything came in as expected. I would recommend dealing with them. The
products are of high quality...

You can see my setup on the following pics:

The SMS-122 meter:

CO2 cylinder (bought from a local fire place) with pressure regulator,
solenoid and bubble counter on the right and Reactor 1000 on the left:

I hope this helps.


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> Hi everyone,
> I was surfing the Web tonight and saw this this site that sells CO2
> equipment and found the lowest price on a CO2 equipment combo I have ever
> seen before. How about a Milwaukee Instruments brand single stage, dual
> gauge regulator with solenoid, needle valve, and bubble counter, a
> Instruments SMS 122 CO2 controller, and an Aqua-Medic Reactor 1000 for get
> this, $180.99.
> The Aqua Medic reactor is the big boy, good for tanks up to several
> gallons. I use one on my 240 gallon. The SMS 122 is a great unit, I own
> three. I have no experience with the Reg, but since it is a Milwaukee, it
> probably fine as well.
> They have several other combos as well as CO2 tanks for sale, along with
> most anything you'd need for your gas setup.
> They also have the Reactor 1000 for sale separately for $59.99, cheapest I
> have ever seen it on the Web.
> The website is www.co2-canisters.com
> Click on CO2 equipment and click on Combos.
> If you priced this stuff separately even by mail order it is like getting
> the reg, controller, or reactor for free.
> No affiliation. Insert usual diesclaimers.
> Dave
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