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[APD] Re: Viviporous snails

Scott writes:

>Also on the viviporous, I can't find much on them in
>the way of husbandry or breeding,  Any idea's on that?

Breeding isn't much- typical snail breeding.  The male implants the sperm, 
and the female, instead of depositing the eggs on some substrate, lays them 
inside her shell.  When the eggs hatch, they escape and the female is ready to go 
again.  I don't know if she can do multiple batches from one "fling" like a 
lot of non-vertebrates, or the males are needed for repeated fertilization.  By 
virtue of the fact that they do lay eggs, alveit internal to the shell, they 
are lot really live-bearers, but they gave early zoologists that impression, 
and the classification stuck.

As for husbandry, well, shucks- they're snails.  Acidic water eats at their 
shells and teperatures much above 72ºF for extended periods was hard on the 
ones I had from NY.

Bob Dixon
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