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[APD] Re: Corner tank

I have been looking to downsize my 90 gallon tank, and in the process I have fallen in love with an All-Glass corner tank. DH says to go for it, but it just doesn't look practical. Lighting looks like a huge problem. I could place some pc lights across the top, but I'm afraid there will be a big dark spot in the back of the tank. Some type of MH pendant and an open top would probably be the way to go. I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with this type of tank.

There was another thread about this in the past few months that had some ideas you might want to think about. I think most opinions were that a single MH pendent could probably do it, but mounting would be difficult, or you could use several sizes of PCF lights staggered in the hood to do a decent job. Maybe a 96 and a 55, maybe also a 36 watt unit. What you need to do is light a shape that is essentially a triangle. It *is* doable, but you'll likely need to do at least some DIY to make it work well.


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