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Re: [APD] Corkscrewing leaves - name the deficiency

Tom Barr wrote:
>I've had this plant have this pattern occur when the NO3 was very low.

Yes, but I just can't get that to compute. I dose for 10 ppm NO3
each dose (and 2 ppm PO4, 0.2 ppm Fe) and sometimes up to three
times a week (around every other day). The JBL-nitrate-test shows 
around 30-40 ppm NO3 before each wc, which would indicate
really low NO3-uptake despite the high PO4 and really *big*

And it still doesn't explain why I (and several others in Sweden
dosing high NO3+PO4) see such improvement (less distorted leaves) 
with chalkboard-crayons.

// Daniel.

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