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[APD] Re: deficiency

I'd say it's N, traces have never produced that condition, I've had much higher Mg/Ca than you and still had this occur when the NO3 got low. Light is not an issue for this plant in your tank. You can add some dolomite for both Mg and Ca or dose CaCl2 and MgSO4 a little. Ca can be as high as you want it(400-500ppm even) with no bad effects on most all plants. I have not looked at Mg to the same extent.

Still, NO3 is the big issue. Stable N levels seem to play onen of the largest roles after CO2 levels so 
I'd look there. I've had this plant have this pattern occur when the NO3 was very low.
I am not saying it is 100% NO3, but it's not PO4/Traces, light etc.

Tom Barr
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