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Re: [APD] Corkscrewing leaves - name the deficiency

Roger Miller wrote:
>I don't think that calcium
>deficiency is indicated in your case; a calcium deficiency would effect the
>growing tip of the plant, which appears normal.

I'm not sure about this, but I think those distorted leaves as seen in the
actually became distorted as young leaves and after some chalkboard-
bashing with each nutrient-dose the growth got somewhat better looking
(as you can see).

But you guys really are firm with the notion that 15-20 ppm Ca is enough,
despite I really see improvement when I dose Ca as CaCO3-powder or
as smached-chalkboard-crayons?

Personally I think it seems that Ca is really hard to get high enough and
really hard to match with Mg. I also think the Ca:Mg-ratio of 4:1 seems
*very* narrow. 1:1 or even 2:1 really dosen't work for me (when I
dose MgSO4).

Perhaps the Ca:Mg-ratio gets more important in softer water with really
massive growth rates?

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