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Re: [APD] Red Sea Substrate -- or - Ferts come and go but Flora Base is a start

A while back, Tom B had this to say about florabse:


And last year Karen Randall said this:


And previously, after contacting teh manufacturer, I had
said this:

"Florabase supposedly has some ferts added into to it
manufacture and according to the manufacturer, when these
are depleted in about a year, your should replace the
substrate.  NO kidding, that was what the manufacturer
said.  Later realizing how silly that was, it changed to
saying you should add supplements (fertilizers) to
revitalize the Florabase.

Welcome to the world of fertilizers and sales pitches 
:-\  .  "

I think Luis Navarro uses Flora Bases as an underlayer in
some of his larger tanks. However, I think he tears down
his tanks and redoes them -- a passionate aquascaper --
before the Flora Base ferts are used up.

Scott H.

--- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
> Bob asked:
> >Has anybody tried this new Red Sea "Flora Base"
> substrate
> >or their "Flora Vit" plant food?  Bob Dixon
> I think quite a bit has been discussed on this subject at
> Aquatic Plant
> Central in this thread:

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