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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

I remember a thread not too long ago where we were discussing some dwarf sag or e tenellus that had suddenly grown longer in one part of a tank than another, and that retained it's long growth pattern when moved to another tank. Well, I pulled out some dwarf sag that was overgrowing (from max length of about 4-5 inches to 8-10 inches, which in a 12 inch high tank was obviously not going to work as foreground!). Then I put some nice micro-tenellus (the very fine-leaved pink-tipped variety sold as micro-tenellus v Amano) in the same spot. today I notice several of my mostly 1-2 inch leaved plants have sprouted 4-6 inch leaves.

It is in the same relative spot in the tank (left foreground of a 12G nano cube tank) as it was in the tank it came from, so the relative amount of light that area receives should be close to identical.

Maybe there's something in that location, a hormone put out by the roots of the dwarf sag?

--diane brown in st. louis

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