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RE: [APD] LED lighting with Luxeons (preliminary results)

They do get quite hot. That is why I have that heatsink. Given that I can hold the heatsink comfortably after the lights have been on for quite some time, it would seem to reach 40-50°C. I can't even touch the PC bulbs without it burning (or atleast feel really really hot). Considering the heatsink surface, I dont think these luxeons generate too much more heat (it that) then my PCs I can try to monitor the temps to see the effect, but that isn;t top priority (to compare heat that detailed).

My LEDs are as far from the water as the PCs are (<2" for the nano and 3" for the larger tanks)

Being a computer modder, I'm familiar with Luxeon LEDs.

These LEDs produce an insane amount of heat.  So much so that it is
recommended to have them paired up with a heatsink.

I would be concerned that a cluster of these LEDs would do the same thing as
incandescent lighting; heat up the tank.

I'd be interesting in seeing how far from the water's surface the LEDs are,
and what the monitored temps are the test tank are.

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